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Going Golfing in Cedar City? Here are Three Slice Fixes

In Cedar City, Utah the possibilities are endless.
Playing golf is one of the most promising sports that seniors can have engagement with, and many come to southern Utah to go golfing in Cedar City. Results have become overwhelming especially on their total well being and fitness. Golf is tremendously favored leisure engagement for most retirees and seniors, that brings a lot of satisfaction to them. But for many senior golfers, there are still words, and moves associated with this game that are unclear to many. One of these definitions that needs to be clearly detailed is the slice slot. What really this term means and how it influences your performance in the game. A slice shot is basically occurring when the ball is curved hard right. When the ball is then approaching a slice to the right, it is spinning on a clockwise motion across the sky. A slice is often a common mistake of amateur senior golfers using an open club face to hit the ball which causes it to slice hard right. This also happens when your club face becomes open on impact due to the quicker movement that is done by your lower body compared to the upper. Different faults in swing motions are also factors that may cause a ball to slice into the air.
If you are experiencing problems such as having sliced shot, consider the three (3) fixes below that would help you straighten your ball flight:

Check your Grip.

The grip has everything to do with regards on how the clubface looks such impact as open, square or closed but has nothing to do with your swing direction. If you aim for the right target and swing, you must check first your grip problems. A club face opens through impact and swing if there is a weak grip. This kind of grip is caused when the top hand is much underneath the club or when the lower hand is on top of the club. A senior golfer must aim for a neutral grip. The key in obtaining this grip is with a square clubface facing the target; the senior golfer must face down having at least t knuckles at your left hand. A three or sometimes four knuckles would still be fine. Another key point in achieving a neutral grip is the formation of V between the knuckles and thumb on both hands. You must remember that your grip has a great thing to do with your slice.

Aim for the Right Path.

A senior golfer must ascertain the right club path to ensure that the real target could be achieved. When you are slicing the ball, make sure that inside-to-square-to-inside drill is initiated. This could be done by placing a box or a line of tee pegs right outside the ball and then practice hitting shots and sweeping the club head alongside of box or pegs. It could be determined if the swing path is in or out when the clubs hits the box or pegs.

Take Attention on your Forearm Rotation

The lack of forearm rotation can be a reason why club face is open to impact. Your forearm should rotate and crossover while trying to swing the club through the ball. Again, a drill should be performed to achieve a square club face to impact. You can exaggerate forearm rotation with a half swing at impact, hitting 20 balls with 7 iron. At a ground halfway through the swing, a golfer can ensure success in this move when the club face is pointed almost down and can even try for a draw or a hook. Using half swing to get 20 balls, a senior golfer can try for same aim using a full swing.

When looking for things to do in Cedar City, golfing has got to be on your list. The Cedar Ridge golf course offers immense beauty and a wonderful golf course for those heading their direction.

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